Santiago Sanchez top producer sales winning award Chicago realtor 2009 and 2010-2011-2012-2013-2014

Work with Santiago Sanchez - Award Top producer Chicago Realtor

Bienvenidos  les invitamos a ver toda la casa en el área de Chicago e Illinois actualmente en venta. Se sorprenderá de los precios tan bajos que encontrara.....DESDE $5000 HASTA $1,000.000 Click en el motor de busqueda AHORA


"Gracias Santiago, vendí mi casa y pude comprar otra casa en 20 días! menos mal que te escuche y seguí pagando mi casa hasta que la vendí en Short sale " Santiago Salvo mi futuro

“Gracias Santiago por vendernos esta casa en Chicago! con un bajo enganche en una subasta, increíble precio”

Usted puede encontrar todas las casas en Chicago y sus barrios empezando por las casas más baratas, a precios increíbles, simplemente empieza la búsqueda y trabaje con el equipo de España en Chicago, N-1 en Ventas de casas











    • CASAS DESDE $ 10,000 HASTA 1,000,000


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  •   EDIFICIO Stone park 1806 N 33
    US$ 75,000
    Precio anterior: 
    US$ 410,000
    Banco: RCS bank
      Residencial Cicero 2107 S. 50
    US$ 75,000
    Precio anterior: 
    US$ 275,000
    Banco: Ocwen
      Residencial CHICAGO 7258 S . Spaulding
    US$ 45,000
    Precio anterior: 
    US$ 290,000
    Banco: Chase Bank
    US$ 65,000
    Precio anterior: 
    US$ 390,000
      Edificio 3 unidades Chicago 6438 N. Artesian
    US$ 175,000
    Precio anterior: 
    US$ 590,000
    Banco: Chase Bank - Santiago Sanchez
      Edificio Chicago 4936 Saint Louis
    US$ 79,000
    Precio anterior: 
    US$ 520,000
    Banco: Park Federal bank
      Edificio buen Estado Chicago 3320 W. Cullom Ave
    US$ 124,000
    Precio anterior: 
    US$ 550,000
    Banco: Bank Of America
      Casa residencial Renovada Hillside Lind AVE
    US$ 105,000
    Precio anterior: 
    US$ 355,000
    Banco: Wells Fargo
      Edificio buen Estado Cicero 1521 S. 49th ave
    US$ 44,000
    Precio anterior: 
    US$ 250,000
    Banco: Wells Fargo
      Casa Familiar Riverside Burlington ST
    US$ 85,000
    Precio anterior: 
    US$ 375,000
    Banco: Wells Fargo
      Casa residencial Renovada Hanover park Park Ave
    US$ 64,000
    Precio anterior: 
    US$ 278,000
    Banco: Fannie Mae
      Edificio de 4 unidades Chicago Irving p 3655 W. Belle Plaine
    US$ 175,000
    Precio anterior: 
    US$ 598,000
    Banco: CHASE BANK
      Edificio de 2 unidades Chicago Belmont 5046 W. MONTANA
    US$ 87,000
    Precio anterior: 
    US$ 440,000
    Banco: Chase Bank
      Edificio de 3 unidades Chicago Albany p 4621 N. Central park
    US$ 169,000
    Precio anterior: 
    US$ 485,000
      Edificio de 3 unidades Chicago Irving p 4235 N. Whipple St
    US$ 250,000
    Precio anterior: 
    US$ 565,000

    1. Chicag-Rogers Park           *Ciudad de Chicago Casas / Barrios en Chicago y comunidades
    2. Chicago-West Ridge
    3. Chicago-Uptown
    4. Chicago-Lincoln Square
    5. Chicago-North Center
    6. Chicago-Lakeview
    7. Chicago-Lincoln Park
    8. Chicago-Near North Side
    9. Chicago-Edison Park
    10. Chicago-Norwood Park
    11. Chicago-Jefferson Park
    12. Chicago-Forest Glen
    13. Chicago-North park
    14. Chicago-Albany park
    15. Chicago-Portage park
    16. Chicago-Irving park
    17. Chicago-Dunning
    18. Chicago-MontClare
    19. Chicago-Belmont Cragin
    20. Chicago-Hermosa
    21. Chicago-Avondale
    22. Chicago-Logan square
    23. Chicago-Humboldt Park
    24. Chicago-West town
    25. Chicago-Austin
    26. Chicago-West Garfield Park
    27. Chicago-East Garfield Park
    28. Chicago-Near West side
    29. Chicago-north Lawndale
    30. Chicago-South Lawndale
    31. Chicago-Lower West side
    32. Chicago-loop
    33. Chicago-Near south side
    34. Chicago-Armour Square
    35. Chicago-Douglas
    36. Chicago Casas -Oakland
    37. Chicago Casas- Fuller Park
    38. Chicago -Grand Boulevard
    39. Chicago-Kenwood
    40. Chicago-Chicago Washington Park
    41. Chicago-Hyde park
    42. Chicago-Woodlawn
    43. Chicago-South Shore
    44. Chicago Chathan
    45. Chicago casas Avalon Park
    46. Chicago -South chicago
    47. Chicago-Burnside
    48. Chicago-Calumet Heights
    49. Chicago-Roseland
    50. Chicago-Pullman
    51. Chicago-South Deering
    52. Chicago-East side
    53. Chicago-West pullman
    54. Chicago-Riverdale
    55. Chicago-Hegewisch   
    56. Chicago-Garfield Ridge
    57. Chicago-Archer Heights
    58. Chicago-Brighton park
    59. Chicago-McKinley park
    60. Chicago-Bridgeport
    61. Chicago-New City
    62. Chicago casas West Elsdon
    63. Chicago-Gage Park
    64. Chicago casas Clearing -Midway area
    65. Chicago-West Lawn
    66. Chicago-Chicago Lawn
    67. Chicago-West Englewood
    68. Chicago-Englewood
    69. Chicago-Greater Gran crossing
    70. Chicago-Ashburn
    71. Chicago-Auburn Gresham
    72. Chicago casas Beverly 
    73. Chicago Washington Heights
    74. Chicago-Mount Greenwood
    75. Chicago-Morgan park
    76. Chicago-O'hare Aeropuerto
    77. Chicago-Edgewater

    2011 Venta de casas en Chicago , que ocurrira ? las venta de casas en Chicago  han aumentado al emprezar el 2011 y se pronostica que los precios pudieran seguir bajando con un aumento en el numero de compradores osea las ventas de casas aumentaran lo cual no significa que los precios en venta de casas lo hagan en este 2011 por lo menos en Chicago

    Chicago Foreclosure Laws 
    Chicago Foreclosure is Judicial.
    A lawsuit is filed 
    Chicago  foreclosure law states that the lender first must file a lawsuit. Like most judicial states, the lender begins by having a summons and a complaint is filed. It is then sent to the borrower asking them to come to court to answer the complaint. The complaint is a lawsuit, which describes the lenders basis for foreclosure action. A notice of lis pendens is filed. The borrower has 20 days to answer the complaint. If no action is taken within the 20 days, there will be a motion for summary judgment. After summary judgment is granted, the court usually appoints a referee who will determine the amount owed and recommend how the property should be sold. Once the referee has issued the report, the court confirms the report and a judgment directing the sale of the property will be entered. 

    Chicago Foreclosure Notice of Sale
    The Chicago foreclosure sale is advertised in a county newspaper f. The sale is made by public auction to the highest bidder. The lender has the option of bidding. The lender must distribute the proceeds according to the terms of the judgment signed by the judge.

    Chicago foreclosure Deficiency Judgment
    If proceeds from the sale do not produce sufficient funds, the lender has the right to issue a deficiency judgment against the borrower


    Home sellers suffer amid wave of foreclosures
    Ordinary home sellers have a hard time competing against the cut-rate bank owned properties that are currently dominating the market. 

    NEW YORK (CNNMoney) -- Selling a home in this market is hard enough. Competing in a neighborhood flooded with foreclosed homes that are heavily discounted is nearly impossible.

    There are nearly a million repossessed homes on the market right now. And these homes, dubbed in the industry as REO (real estate owned) properties, are being marketed by the most motivated of all sellers - that is, the lenders stuck holding the bag when homeowners default.

    On average, foreclosed homes are priced almost 40% lower than normal real estate listings, according to data supplied by, the real estate Web site.

    "Distressed sales [like foreclosures and short sales] put pressure on the whole market," said Robert Kleinhenz, an economist with the California Association of Realtors.

    The lenders selling foreclosed homes have already taken a financial bath, in missed mortgage payments and administrative costs. And every month that an REO home sits empty means another month that the lender has to pay to cover property taxes, insurance and maintenance. What's more, as home prices continue to fall throughout the country, these homes are rapidly depreciating as they sit on the market.

    With foreclosures priced so low, there is just only so much an ordinary seller can charge for a comparable house. Consider these figures: In California, the median price for an REO listing was $259,000 during the week of November 10, 23% lower than the non-REOs on the market according to

    In Nevada, REOs list for 16% less than non-REOs; in Florida they go for 22% less and in Arizona, for 25% less. The disparity is even greater in Midwestern states hard hit by economic woes. In Michigan, REOs list for 26% less, in Indiana, 48% less and in Ohio, 57% less.

    As a result, many sellers are holding off. And those that have to relocate are taking a beating.

    A losing battle
    Roy Uhl, an agent with Shear Realty in Phelan, Calif. recently had a client who had to sell in order to take a job on the East coast. The sale took more than a year and several price cuts.

    Uhl originally wanted to list the property at $320,000 but the client had gotten the home appraised for much more - $360,000 - and wanted to hold out for something near that.

    But foreclosures mounted in the community about 75 miles northwest of Los Angeles. The house sold last August for just $230,000.

    "The foreclosure crisis probably cost that seller $50,000, $70,000, easy," said Uhl.

    In some areas virtually all sales are REOs. Four out of every five listings in Stockton, Calif. for instance are foreclosures.

    "The traditional market is on hold," said Brian Mikelbank, a Cleveland State University associate professor of urban studies. "Sellers are simply not selling," he said.

    Having a large number of REO properties for sale in a community hurts regional prices in three different ways, according to Dan Immergluck, a Georgia Tech professor who has testified before Congress on the impact of foreclosures on home prices.

    First, a jump in REOs is a supply-side shock; markets have trouble handling such a sharp increase in inventory. Plus, vacant foreclosures often fall into disrepair, blighting neighborhoods and attracting crime. Finally, although appraisers generally try to disregard REOs when searching for comparable home listings, they just can't do that when foreclosures account for 40% or 50% of the market.

    "A lot of people would love to buy now because home prices have come down," said J.L Jennings, owner of Pyramid Real Estate in Oakland, Calif. "But they can't compete when they sell their old homes against REOs."

    Homeowners in hard-hit areas that have to sell right now are advised to price their properties as aggressively as the lenders that they are competing with, according to Mark Fleming, chief economist for First American CoreLogic.

    And prices are still coming down fast. A median-priced house in Stockton, for example, saw its value decline by 44% in the 12 months ending September 30, according to the National Association of Home Builders and Wells Fargo (WFC, Fortune 500).

    For desperate sellers, that means keeping up with highly-motivated banks and steeply-falling prices - no matter how much it hurts.

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    Illinois Real EstateTOP 100 REAL ESTATE SITES.

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    Casas en Addison Short Sale
    Casas en Algonquin Short Sale
    Casas en Arlington Heights Short Sale
    Casas en Aurora Short Sale
    Casas en Bartlett Short Sale
    Casas en Barrington Short Sale
    Casas en Bensenville Short Sale
    Casas en Berwyn Short Sale
    Casas en Bloomingdale Short Sale
    Casas en Buffalo Grove Short Sale
    Casas en Cicero Short Sale
    Casas en Chicago Short Sale
    Casas en Carol Stream Short Sale
    Casas en Crystal Lake Short Sale
    Casas en Deerfield Short Sale
    Casas en Des Plaines Short Sale
    Casas en Elgin Short Sale
    Casas en Elmhurst Short Sale
    Casas en Evanston Short Sale
    Casas en Elk Grove Village Short Sale
    Casas en Elmwood Park Short Sale
    Casas en Franklin Park Short Sale
    Casas en Fox Lake Short Sale
    Casas en Glencoe Short Sale
    Casas en Glendale Heights Short Sale
    Casas en Glenview Short Sale
    Casas en Hoffman Estates Short Sale
    Casas en Hanover Park Short Sale
    Casas en Harwood Heights Short Sale
    Casas en Highland Park Short Sale
    Casas en Hinsdale Short Sale
    Casas en Itasca Short Sale
    Casas en Kenilworth Short Sale
    Casas en Kildeer Short Sale
    Casas en Lake Bluff Short Sale
    Casas en Lake Forest Short Sale
    Casas en Lake Villa Short Sale
    Casas en Lake Zurich Short Sale
    Casas en Libertyville Short Sale
    Casas en Lincolnshire Short Sale
    Casas en Lincolnwood Short Sale
    Casas en McHenry Short Sale
    Casas en Melrose Park Short Sale
    Casas en Mount Prospect Short Sale
    Casas en Morton Grove Short Sale
    Casas en Mundelein Short Sale
    Casas en Naperville Short Sale
    Casas en Norridge Short Sale
    Casas en Northbrook Short Sale
    Casas en Niles Short Sale
    Casas en Northfield Short Sale
    Casas en Oak Park Short Sale
    Casas en Park Ridge Short Sale
    Casas en Palatine Short Sale
    Casas en Prospect Heights Short Sale
    Casas en Roselle Short Sale
    Casas en River Forest Short Sale
    Casas en River Grove Short Sale
    Casas en Schaumburg Short Sale
    Casas en Streamwood Short Sale
    Casas en Skokie Short Sale
    Casas en Schiller Park Short Sale
    Casas en Vernon Hills Short Sale
    Casas en Wood Dale Short Sale
    Casas en Wheeling Short Sale
    Casas en Wilmette Short Sale
    Casas en Winnetka Short Sale

    Las Ultimas noticias en el mercado de bienes raices , los mayores bancos estan aceptando venta cortas , la mayoria de ellas con rebajas de mas de 50% del precio de venta . Que es una venta corta ? es el llamado Chicago short sale que los bancos aceptan mucho menos de lo que vale la casa y se sale libre de la deuda . El area de Chicago esta siendo muy afectado por los llamados Short sale o ventas cortas , los cuales traen abajo el precio de una manera contundente y puede ser que los precios aun bajen mas !

    pasando por mayo del 2010 podemos observar que varios de los Chicago short sales han cerrado sin problemas pero los precios continuan bajando y cada vez hay mas ventas cortas en Chicago e illinois

    Parece ser que varios bancos estan dejando pasar y haciendo varios Short sale  en el area de Chicago , la venta de casas en Chicago esta siendo mas activa en el aspecto que ahora podemos hacer varios Chicago short sale con mas facilidad y poder decir que todos cierran .

    La venta de casas en Chicago aumento en 2010 pudiera ser debiso a los Short sale que estan cerrando en el area de Chicago